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Jerome offers you an array of products anywhere from ladies' fashionable clothing, to vitamins and nutritional products. We are also your center for hair care, cosmetics, wigs and accessories for chemo patients and those looking for a change in style.

If you are in need of any mastectomy prosthesis products or bras, we are an authorized dealer for Nearly Me®.

Jerome offers these products and services:

  • Wigs & Accessories

  • Hair & Skincare Salon

  • Ladies Fashion Clothing

  • Mastectomy Prosthesis by Nearly Me®

  • 14K Gold & Synthetic Diamonds

  • Nutritional, Vitamins & Weight Control
    Products by Vitamin Power®

  • Jewelry and Accessories

  • Jerome Cosmetics

  • And More...

Wigs, Fashions, Cosmetics
and Vitamins


Great Way Nutrional Skincare Products

Nourishing Solutions For Healthy Skin

Fortify your skin's natural defenses to protect against the effects of aging and environmental damage. Each Great Way product is formulated with therapeutic antioxidants, vitamins, enzymes, botanical extracts, fruit nutrients and vegetable protein, leaving your skin naturally revitalized.

Formulated to Replenish, Moisturize, Protect & Assist Healthy Cell Renewal. Your Skin Will Love These Nourishing Skincare Products.

We are your Vitamin Power Dealer! Super Vitamins Nutrition Supplements.